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Umber by J. Lenay provides a variety of all-natural products for women who struggle with unwanted facial hair. Our primary focus is to rid women of hair caused by hormonal imbalances, but our solutions cater to all different skin types and genders. Our featured product (Hair Removal & Spot Fade Oil) reduces unwanted hair growth naturally and has the potential to permanently stop the growth completely. It is currently in a testing phase, but keep a lookout for our updates on social media. We are the experts on all issues that come with unwanted hair growth, ie: Hyperpigmentation, Ingrown Hair, and Hormonal & Cystic Acne. Ask us about our products for sensitive skin 🙂
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*Our Products*

Hair Removal & Spot Fade Oil *BETA Testing
-Reducing Facial Hair Growth
-Thinning Hair follicles to become less noticeable
-Fade Dark Spots

Facial Moisturizer (Ingrown Hair/Hormonal & Cystic Acne)
-Light Moisturizer that fights all acne, irritation, rash, dark eye circles, swelling, bites, and bumps
-Removing and preventing ingrown hair
-Reduce Hyperpigmentation, fades scarring and spots

Liquid African Black Soap
-Gentle Exfoliant, glowing skin, leaves skin smooth
-Reduce and prevent: Acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, Ingrown hair, Eczema
-Tightens line and wrinkle, draws out impurities,

Facial Sugar Scrub
-Exfoliate: Fade spots, scarring, hyperpigmentation
-Fight Acne-prone skin, reduce ingrown hair
-Moisturize, minimize wrinkles, rejuvinates skin

If you have hirsutism and looking for a group that provides solutions to this issue, please join our community!


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