Yellowcake Desserts - Bay Area Black Market

The first cake I ever learned to make was Yellowcake. That’s the kind of cake I needed to make my Mom’s Pineapple Upsidedown cake. Yellow is also my favorite color. It reminds me of sunshine and summer days and broad smiles.

But YellowCake is about more than a color and one cake flavor. I am passionate about cake that tastes good. As they say beauty is more than skin deep and well, the same goes for cake. It doesn’t matter how great a cake looks if it’s drier than cardboard.

I’m a self taught baker and my passion for food has evolved over the years. I love creating flavor combinations that are different and play on desserts and food that I love. More importantly, I love creating flavors that YOU love; that represent who you are and your special events.

Get in touch and let us create deliciousness together.

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