presenting organization of the Black Choreographers Festival (BCF) and the Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble (KKDE)

The goal of K★STAR★PRODUCTIONS is to create an institution that contributes to a legacy of wealth, support, tools and resources stimulating the expansion of creativity. Our mission is to fearlessly cultivate a diverse environment that inspires, informs, and supports the evolution of the arts through relationship building, mentoring, exploration and presentation. K★STAR★PRODUCTIONS, directed by Kendra Kimbrough Barnes serves as the co-presenter of the Black Choreographers Festival (BCF), a festival highlighting diverse artistic expression within the context of black dance & culture; and the Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble (KKDE), resident professional dance company representing a range of ages and body-types and incorporates a blend of contemporary and traditional dance styles to inform audiences about a variety of sociocultural issues.


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