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Hand poured soy candles, full of aroma, and made with love

Soyful Aromas was created in the East Bay, located in California.  It was birthed out of our love for Self-Care and aromatherapy.  When you think about Self-Care and our five senses, we often forget about our sense of smell.  However the power of aromatherapy is just what we need sometimes. Various aromas have the ability to help reduce anxiety, ease stress, and boost our mood.  At Soyful Aromas our goal is to promote and encourage intentional Self-Care. We currently carry a variety of soy wax candles and soy wax melts that are scented with a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils. We strongly believe that Self-Care should be a priority and a daily practice rather than being a luxury that is only enjoyed every once in a while.

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17 reviews

  1. Excellent!

    I absolutely love the wax melts. They smell delicious and last a long time. I’m very impressed by this product. I bought 4 fragrances and I can’t wait to try more!

  2. Best candles ever!

    I just can’t get enough of these soyful aroma candles! I love the peach and sex on the beach! They burn so well and are extremely potent! Everything you could ask for in a candle! Bath and body works, look out!

  3. Love the smell!!

    I absolutely love theses candles! I purchased 2 at the Bayarea night
    Market, and the candles had the car smelling nice! When I got home I lit the grapefruit vanilla and OMG!!! Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I also purchased Sex on the beach, can’t wait to light it. The
    Packaging is extra cute, love the bling and I will be able to reuse the cute container later. Will definitely being purchasing from Soyful aromas again!!

  4. Soyful Aromas!

    I love these candles! I have several throughout my house. The scent’s don’t irritate my allergies, and I’m sensitive to aromas. Definitly reccommend these candles to everyone that loves candles and a fresh house.

  5. Candle Maker for Life

    Soyful Aromas really provides a quality product! All the candles I’ve bought for the past year infuse each of my rooms with naturally fragrant smells and helps me to calm down at the end of a hectic day. I highly recommend Soyful Aromas. I now only buy candles from them.

  6. The best candles EVER!

    I love these candles. I tell everyone about them. I light my candles everyday. They’re so calming refreshing, not to mention they smell amazing, and are packages adorably cute. And leave a fragrance, that no other candle has. So many different scents ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. My office smells so good!

    I am such a fan of soyful aromas. I ordered 24 wax melts last month for my office and the invigorated my entire space. It is right near my front door and every time someone new comes into my office they say how good it smells. The card is right next to the wax melt owl and I gladly tell everyone to go order.
    They are long lasting I am still on my first wax melt and its been a month.

  8. The candles from Soyful Aromas are definitely worth it! I’ve order for my clients as gift and they love them! My favorite is the Lemon Pound Cake, definitely will be trying the other Scents!

  9. I LOVE Soyful Aromas' Candles!

    From the moment I first smelled these amazing candles I have been hooked! Beautiful presentation, wonderfully long lasting, and such amazing scents. I have bought SO many candles and have not been disappointed. In fact, I just ordered 23 more candles as a guest gift for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower!

  10. Customer for life

    Janét is wonderful. No mystery as to why her candles are the best. She puts her heart and soul into each hand poured container. I’ve purchased candles for myself , friends and clients and everyone raves about how fragrant and long lasting they are. Customer for life.

  11. I'm in love with her candles

    I love her candles… No matter what mood im in she has the right candle for me the aroma last forever and I love her candle holders so nice and Elegant these Candles are a must have… I promise u won’t be disappointed ur be more in love … life time customer

  12. Top Notch Candles!

    The soy candle combinations/assortments are extremely unique, well crafted, & fragrantly enduring. It’s as if the creator of such masterpieces has poured a part of herself into each individual creation. Thus making the name Soyful Aromas appropos. I’m a huge fan of citrus type of scents & have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of offerings. Although I must admit that Day at the Spa is another favorite not only of my own but also of friends & family.

  13. Love These Candles!! ♡

    I love these soy wax candles they smell so good, you would want to buy them all,
    I told my friend about the candles and she order some too.
    I would definitely buy more..

  14. Dynamite

    I have asthma, but with the soy candles they don’t bother me like other candles. I can smell it all thru my house. They are dynamite!

  15. Yummmmmmm

    Okay I can tell right now this lemon pound cake is gonna be a problem. I literally just opened the top and my son came out the room and said “ooooo mommy are you making cake?” lol

    I am sort of a candle addict so expect lots of orders from me.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide feedback!

  16. Worth Every Penny!!!

    I purchased 2 candles from Soyful Aromas and they are both absolutely YUMMY!! Clean burning. Long lasting ( still burning for over a month). And so very aromatic! You definitely will not be disappointed!

    I will be purchasing for a few of my dedicated clients for the holidays.

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