It’s Black Business Month and to celebrate we’re offering the community FREE Promotions.
We’re offering EVERY Business the opportunity to reach new customers this month. This is our gift to you!

Happy Black Business Month

How it Works

  1. Create a Discount Promo for your brand.
  2. Assign Promo Code: BABM2017 to your Promo
  3. Send a copy of your promotional image to:

Q & A

  1. Will you accept a promo without an image? No. All promotions must have an image to list on the site.
  2. We will create a promo image for you for $10. Click Here to Get Started
  3. When is the deadline to submit promo? Promotions are accepted August 4th thru 8th
  4. How long will my promotion be listed? All promotions will be listed until August 31, 2017
  5. May I submit more than 1 promo? You may submit 1 promotion per business. If you have multiple businesses feel free submit a promotion for each business.
  6. How much does it cost? The promotion is FREE for businesses.
  7. What should my promo include? Your Company Name, Promo, Promotion Discount, How to contact you (website), Promo Code, etc.
  8. Do I need a website to list my promotion? Yes.