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Why Automation?

Administrative task we do can be done using technology and automation. You can automate the task you complain about the most or those that take up the largest amount of your time. Automation can also expedite things while still providing Hight touch experiences.

Automation can help you provide better support to your customers by detecting the intent of incoming communication. Smart Technology Integrations can Boost your business processes and productivity. You may not realize it but your current processes are inefficient, expensive and don’t provide you with everything you need. Right?

The average entrepreneur spends between 4 to 10 hours a week on repetitive computer tasks. Repetitive, inefficient processes waste hours and money.

How much does it cost?

Inefficient processes cost small businesses up to 30% of their annual revenue according to research. Here are a few examples of what it’s costing your business:

  • Spending 30% of your time on basic low-level tasks.
  • 50% of small businesses spend $3-7 per manually processed invoice.
  • 64% of your time is spent on Non-Revenue generating activities with 25% being administrative tasks.
  • Automating your processes can result in a 40% revenue increase.

Automation Solutions

When it comes to automation, there are many options for small businesses depending on your needs, budget, and level of inefficiency.

We use robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce high-volume, competitive, rule-based tasks. Our specialty is implementing intelligent process automation with adaptable artificial intelligence. We make complex processes simple and complete those tedious tasks using predictive AI.

Most entrepreneurs miss half of the opportunities to automate. By finding these opportunities, you can spend more time doing the things that bring in the cash. Developing solid processes and automated systems benefits your company and helps increase your bottom line.

Bay Area Black Market is here to help you develop and implement next-gen automated processes and digital marketing.

By Carla Buggs

CEO, Bay Area Black Market – Tech Integration, Automation, and App Development for Black Owned Businesses

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